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Stand Details

Contact Details

Site Requirements

Limited availability inside, your preference may not be met.
Roughly in square metres
Roughly in metres

Public Liability to the cost of at least $20 million

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Workers Compensation Cover

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I, my employees, servants and agents shall observe and be bound by the Rules and Regulations, as set out on the Queanbeyan Show webpage for Trade Space, relevant correspondence, and those Rules and Regulations are hereby incorporated into this Licence as if the same were expressly set out at length therein. I have provided a description of products or services for sale on the back of this form. I understand that full payment and all policy covers should be completed before Show day. The Queanbeyan Show Society hold the right to refuse any traders at their own discretion. I have read and agree with the rules and regulations set out by the Queanbeyan Show Society. I understand that my application will be considered and may not be granted.