Yard Dog Trials

Yard Dog Trials are an example of what dogs do on a daily basis on the farm transformed into a competition format. The competition involves a handler putting their dogs natural ability against 12-14 (novice to open) merino sheep through a ‘farm like’ obstacle course. Each handler and their dog begins with 100 points and then points are deducted throughout the course for incorrect work or going over the allotted time.

The time permitted for each course depends on the complexity of the course and the number of obstacles. Novice dogs have fewer obstacles, less sheep and less time. Throughout the course, the handler is also required to sort the sheep by ‘drafting’ them down a sheep race.

Competitions such as this are held all over Australia, with some dogs being worth over $10,000. At the ActewAGL Queanbeyan Show there is an opportunity for anyone to come and have a go.

For further information please contact the Yard Dog Association of NSW

Yard dog trials are held on the Saturday with two categories for novice and experienced. The Yard Dog Trials are affiliated with NSW Yard Dogs Association.

The show will be holding two classes for interested people.

  1. Novice: for those who have a bit more experience.
  2. Open: More experienced or those who are looking for a challenge

You will need to be a member of the NSW Yard Dogs Association to participate. Temporary membership and membership forms can be downloaded from the NSW Yard Dogs Association site.

The event organisers may: restrict dogs to a single class; limit entries; change the program at any time; and reserve the right to inspect all bitches. *Bitches in oestrus are NOT permitted on the grounds *Handlers and dogs enter at their own risk *Event run under NSW Yard Dog Association rules.

NSW Yard Dog Rule Book

All entries must be accompanied by a completed entry form and a signed waiver form.